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Why hire a genealogist?

In the last fifteen years, genealogical sources have become much more accessible.  Digitalisation has enabled those interested in family history and genealogy to find records much more easily, while media attention on the subject has stimulated an unprecedented amount of interest.  Many more people are finding genealogical research to be a rewarding and fascinating hobby.


The revolution that has taken place has prompted many to wonder why genealogists are needed at all.  More widely accessible records and a better informed public would suggest that our role is just about redundant.  So, why pay a professional genealogist to do something (many would say) you could do yourself?


          Research is never as simple as it at first seems.  In my experience as a genealogist working      in Ireland, the further into the past you research, the scarcer and more fragmentary records become.  The initial rush of finding an ancestor’s name is tempered by the frustration of discovering that there were three other individuals in the area bearing exactly the same name.  The real skill here is not simply in discovering the record but knowing what to do with it.  Piecing together a family history is about finding the links between information sources and deducing what is relevant and what is not.

          Even when the genealogy of a family is established, what we know of those in the family tree is fairly limited.  As a trained historian, I can shed light on the lives of your ancestors, providing information on how they lived, the jobs they did, the location in which they lived and much more.  The information that I collate on a family is written up in comprehensive and readable family history.  At Iveagh Ancestry, I am passionate about bringing your family history alive and just providing you with the relevant names and dates.

          As anyone who has investigated their family’s history will tell you, genealogy requires a lot of time and money.  As a professional searcher in archives, I know where to locate records and I know what they can tell me.  While some Irish records are online, many can only be accessed by visiting the appropriate repository, which is difficult if you are living outside Ireland.  Engaging a genealogist to search specific records could easily save you a time and expense.  As a professional genealogist, I will inform you at each stage of how much it will cost so that you don’t experience the shock of unexpectedly large bill at the end of the research!  The range of services at Iveagh Ancestry means that you can commission as much or as little research as you require.





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