Iveagh Ancestry

  Unlocking the past


History at Key Stages 3, 4 & 5

Michael is an experienced secondary school history teacher.


At Key Stage 3, Michael can deliver work in the Environment and Society Area of Learning (History and Geography subject strands), such as activities which support the ‘How has the past shaped who I am?’ Personal Understanding Thematic Unit.



Typical sessions focus on:


  • Exploring family history sources (Census, Griffith’s Valuation, Church Records).

  • What’s in a name? Learning about my family name.

  • What was life like for my ancestors? How artefacts can tell us about life in the past.

  • Clues in the landscape. Michael can arrange field visits to historic buildings/monuments and  graveyards in the local area of your school.



Michael has taught History at both GCSE and A-Level for many years.  For students at this stage Michael can offer private tuition focusing on:


• Exam technique

• Improving essay writing skills

• Evaluating sources


Key Stage 3

Key Stages 4 & 5