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Every family has its history and each one is unique.  The study of genealogy and family history enables you to find out about the lives of your forebears.  Genealogical research unearths vital information that helps fill in the blank spaces on your family tree. The information gathered can then be used to construct the history of your family through the lives of the people who were part of it.

At Iveagh Ancestry, we can provide a range of research services that will help to illuminate the history of your family.  If you are starting out in genealogy, we can advise you on where to begin.  If you have conducted your own research but would like to find out more about the lives of your ancestors, we can provide you with information relating to aspects of their lives such as the jobs they did and the area they lived in.  

  • Searches in relevant archives such as church registers and the General Register Office

  • Provision of Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

  • A full family history of your family

  • Illustrated family tree diagrams

  • Where feasible, photographs of your ancestor’s area of origin or homestead

Our research service is geared to meet the needs of our clients.  Whether you wish to commission a full family history or require a one-off record search, Iveagh Ancestry will offer a service tailored to suit your individual requirements.  Contact us for more details.


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